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Just a nerd who loves food

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Cơm tấm MAI – Hàng cơm tấm ngon nhất Sài Gòn!

Là hàng cơm đã nuôi ba mình, các cô chú và anh em họ của mình khôn lớn.
Là hàng cơm gia đình luôn “nhăm nhe” vỗ béo mình bằng mọi cách! (Hahaha chẳng hiểu sao đến giờ vẫn gầy…)
Là hàng cơm ngon nhất Sài Gòn, đối với mình, và từ đó mình không thể nào ăn cơm ở hàng quán khác nữa!

Vietnamese mung bean sticky rice

One of my grandmother’s signature dishes for our gatherings is the mung bean sticky rice. The sweet rice and the split mung bean are soaked and steamed together, then mix with sugar and shredded coconut, and you will have all of the sweet and rich taste.

Vegan “tofu” poke bowl on a budget

It’s a tofu poke bowl for my vegan and vegetarian friends. Again, I’m stick with my “PhD-style”, i.e. I will use any ingredients that are available to me. If you don’t have ones, just skip it, totally fine!

Simple vegetarian stir-fry rice noodles

It’s a vegetarian/vegan stir-fried rice noodles for my friend. This recipe also goes well with instant noodles, Korean glass noodles, long macaroni or mump bean vermicelli.

Latest from the blog

  • Multi-culture menu for gatherings 2021 #1: Appetizer & Shareables
    The multi-culture menu for gathering, for the year 2021. Post #1 is for Appetizer and Shareables.
  • Thanksgiving 2021
    Have been in the US for few years but this year’s Thanksgiving is by far the most meaningful to me. I’ve always been grateful for what I have in life, but I never actually celebrated that. Until now… We celebrated Thanksgiving privately. A non-traditional one, a.k.a. no turkeys. We cooked dishes that we were cravingContinue reading “Thanksgiving 2021”
  • Friday fry-day: Vegetarian rangoon (or “mushroom” puffs)
    It’s mushroom puffs, a vegetarian version of crab rangoon to treat my vegetarian friends. Simple and delicious. And by using vegan cream cheese, you can totally make this recipe vegan.
  • Friday fry-day: Crab rangoon (or crab puffs)
    Friday fry-day so I made crab rangoon (or crab puffs) this time. There is no special story behind this recipe, except that my boyfriend loves crab puffs so much and it was really easy to make.
  • Đậu hũ chiên sốt cay ngọt
    Món đậu hũ chiên sốt cay ngọt này là phiên bản kết hợp giữa món “Đậu hũ chiên giòn sốt cay ngọt” và “Đậu hũ rim cay” của cô Maangchi. Mình làm món này để đón lễ Diwali 2020 cùng những người bạn Ấn Độ của mình.
  • The Stone Tofu House
    It’s a great place for vegan and vegetarian friends who want to try authentic Korean food and freshly made tofu. Definitely another level of tofu!

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