2021 – A year-end review

I launched this Titanium22 Blog: Just a nerd who loves food since the beginning of September 2021. It has been a wonderful experience so far to have a place to express the inner extroverted personality. I love cooking, love trying new food and watching food documentaries. Therefore, I think this blog would be a greatContinue reading “2021 – A year-end review”

My cooking has improved with times

As I started my PhD study, I have to cook for myself so that I could stay within my budget and enjoy good food at the same time. My cooking in 2019 was fairly acceptable as I just combined any ingredients available to me at that time without considering how suitable they were and didContinue reading “My cooking has improved with times”

Titanium 22 – A nerd who loves food

I’m currently a PhD student at Arizona State University and I live far from home for my study. Even though there are a lot of restaurants selling my home country’s food but the flavor is not the same. There are few restaurants but, you know, PhD students cannot eat out at those restaurants everyday, soContinue reading “Titanium 22 – A nerd who loves food”

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